about the kerotto / ザ・ケロットについて

27 years have passed since I made a photographer debut in Berlin in 1990. Time passed, and my work has changed much. It can be divided into two general categories: first half and second half.

My close friend calls my first half (early) works as Satoru Yoshioka Classic: SYC. In the latter period of my scientific related works, like images of accelerators, because of the subject matter, I was called a scientific photographer in a photography magazine in the UK.

The idea of creating the kerotto is that I would like you to see my early works that you cannot see at exhibitions. (I do know that it is the best to see the original prints.)

Also, I would like you to have my works in your daily life, with a touch of practical function: a very simple calendar.

The reason why I put the calendar next to my image is just because I want to have a plain simple calendar myself. And I thought that you might want to have one too.

I hope that you like something in the kerotto shop, and I hope it makes you happy in your daily life.

Thank you.

Satoru Yoshioka

* I can accommodate the needs of the cat lover a little bit too.

* You can start the calendar from your favorite month & year. It is made to order for you.

the shop



今回、the kerottoを作るにあたって考えた一つの理由は、これまで展覧会では見ていただける事があまり無かった初期の作品を主に見ていただきたいと思ったからです。(もちろん、オリジナルのプリントを展覧会で見ていただくのがベストだとは知っておりますが・・・。 )



こんなthe kerottoショップですが、もし何か皆さんが良いなと思うものがあれば、そして、それが皆様を少しでも幸せにすることが出来たら幸いです。




the shop

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